Utrecht Blok Y

Blok Y has an open framework of 6m high base building that is realised in form and layout in close agreement with the future homeowner. This provides a rich diversity in apartment types and residents; from mini-lofts (70m2) to family lofts (140m2), whereby every apartment has a unique design and layout. The concrete base building translates itself into a robust and detailed grid. As a result, the facade serves as a readable translation of the programmatic layout of the apartments. The importance and ample integration of light, fresh air and space demonstrates a contemporary architecture. The architecture of the base building is deliberately modest, while each unique apartment adds extraordinary accent to the whole by translating its story through the five to six meter windows in the façade.

Superlofts Blok Y’ objective is not only the realisation of a residential building, but a platform in which knowledge and experiences are shared, creating a tightknit community. It is a project that actively stimulates citizenship, through community building and social cohesion. For example the community garden and public spaces greates oppertunities for spontanious interactions. In addition it provides more opportunities for personalization and self-expression that is not yet offered in the housing market. However, while already self-evident across other sectors, a conventional and highly standardized housing market has not yet been set up. It requires time, patience and good cooperation between all parties to bring about change. Superlofts has progressively strived to close this gap in recent years, and due to the realization of several Superlofts projects across the Netherlands, the beginning of the turning point is now clearly visible.

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Facts & Figures

  • 30 Superlofts
  • 10 affordable apartments for less than € 200.000
  • 5 housing types: mansion loft, loft starters, two sided loft, garden Loft and penthouses
  • Usable area: from 83.6 m2 to 130 m2
  • Private garden, logia or balcony
  • Collective part: spacious lobby connected to the garden on the deck, dock by the water
  • Prices: from € 200.000 to € 435.000, – (including parking lots with roof)
  • Sustainability: floor heating and -cooling, solar panels, electric sun blinds, central CO2 controlled ventilation with heat recovery and integrated cooling, separated garbage, adjustable interior walls and floor systems, sustainable and maintainable materials for the facade

In de omgeving

Interieur inspiratie

Meer inspiratie bij Homelab
De projectfases
Je hebt interesse.
Je neemt een optie van de bouwgroep in oprichting.
Je bent lid van de bouwgroep.
Je hebt een loft gekocht.
Je woont er!

Je meldt je aan als geïnteresseerde in een zoeklocatie. We doen – op basis van woonwensen van geïnteresseerden – een haalbaarheidsstudie. Er is nog geen ontwerp.

Je neemt een optie op een plek in een bouwgroep in oprichting. De kavel is beschikbaar en we werken samen aan het schetsontwerp voor het gebouw.

Je bent lid van een bouwgroep. Je hebt nu ook reservering op een bouwnummer. we werken samen aan het definitief ontwerp.

Je hebt je loft gekocht. Samen met de bouwgroep en Superlofts regelen we de bouwaanvraag en start de bouw.

Je woont in jouw Superlofts. Je deelt je gebouw met de buren en als je dat wenst inspiratie met andere Superloft members.