It takes a village to raise a city

Superlofts is a system for living that puts people in control with a flexible, modular, co-creative approach to the ultimate urban space: the loft.

Designed by MKA architects, Superlofts are defined by award-winning projects that make people feel like they finally belong.

How it works

Superlofts combine modular design with prefabrication methods in concrete and timber, a diverse mix of loft types and flexible programs that can easily adapt over time. This radically extends the building’s life span and reduces costs. By closing material, energy, water, ecology, and waste cycles Superlofts is on its way to becoming one of The Netherlands first climate positive residential concepts.

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Living in a SuperLoft

Living in a Superloft improves your quality of life and opens you up to a new kind of community living. Meet the people who created their dream home, get in touch with our network of interior designers, and sign up to new developments.

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Next gen Superlofts

Next generation Superlofts are “climate positive”, designed with circular (renewable or recycled) building materials and technical facilities to prevent the waste of natural resources. By combining prefabrication methods with an economy of scale we can make affordable modular housing. We are also exploring new forms of ownership as part of our mission to become the most sustainable and socially inclusive housing model of the future.

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Our Journey

Superlofts is an award-winning system for super living, an entire life and design approach, condensed into the ultimate urban living space—the loft. A global modular co-creation concept that has been defined over time through diverse live and award-winning projects.

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Marc Koehler

“We believe the future will bring a more connected world, in which living, learning, playing and working blend fluently together… creating urban hybrids and villages: New work-life combinations, sport-home, social-home, game-home, hotel-home, home-cinema… staying in is the new going everywhere”


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