Studio Josha is an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design studio, collaborating with Superlofts and MKA as an interior design partner. Directed by Josha Roymans, Studio Josha design a wide range of functional interior objects. A vibrant collection of their furniture and fittings infuse many of the Superlofts with colour, texture and meaning.

Studio Josha collaborated with MKA to design Marie-Jose and Sjef Roymans timeless and serene interior, overlooking the Houthavens. A stunning cluster of lamps suspend over the dining table and reflect beautiful light across the space. The lamps, as featured below, are a part of the Prop series, designed and individually handcrafted by Josha himself.

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The lamp shades, made from polished and crushed brass sheets, explore the feeling of an artist having to create new ideas under pressure. During the creative process, this pressure leads to a lot of thinking, modelling and drawing and in the frustration, many sketches are scrunched up and thrown in the bin. In his design, Josha was drawn to the aesthetic of the thrown-out  ‘prop’ of papers.


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Josha describes his work as being intuitive and not bound by a particular style, material or aesthetic. He sees every project as a new beginning and therefore the collection varies and develops constantly. Josha and his team work with the concept that all ideas are valuable. It is through rigorous testing and experimentation that ideas become products. 

As a versatile designer, his collection ranges from lounge chairs, to lights, to clothing accessories. Many of Josha’s designs are exhibited throughout the apartment, including the Soda double vanity in the bathroom, a laser-cut metal frame lounge chair under the stairs and the Horn on the kitchen bench, which he won first prize for at the Pols Potter design contest in 2011.

The IC-Series, photographed below, is a collection of foam lamps, hand carved and reinforced with an environmentally friendly resin. While the piece is taking shape, the colour is chosen intuitively and the object is then niched with a 24K gold leaf.  The series was developed by Josha using a process he calls the ‘Intuitive Creative’ (IC) method. The designs start out as small, instinctual hand sketches that are then transformed into the 3D world. Throughout this process, Josha remains close to his creative intuition to ensure that the object maintains the same character or essence as the original drawing.

Visit Studio Josha’s design collection

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