Poppies Buiksloterham

Poppies will thrive as a resilient community development and showcase for cross-laminated timber construction

Like the wild poppy, a pioneer species that thrives on challenging (urban) sites, Poppies will develop as a beautiful yet resilient community development. As a showcase for circular design, this experimental mixed-use development functions as a ‘Rainproof’ urban oasis – featuring an extensive roof garden and orchard – and a hub for upcycling and smart energy. An Open Building framework creates opportunities for residents to flexibly combine work and living, with a special focus on middle income rental properties and adaptable ateliers.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Edwin Oostmeijer Projectontwikkeling BV


2018 - ongoing


Under development


House, Office, Commercial, Non-Profit Functions

Project architect

Eric Thijssen


Marc Koehler, Mai Henriksen, Carlos Moreira, Satoru Muneda, Markus Freigang, Ana Marchidan, Jorn Beltman, Adrea Pellizon, Ilaria Cazzola

Landscape architect

BOOM Landscape

Material use

Super Use Studio


WE Adviseurs

Smart-grid & Water


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