Initiated by Marc Koehler Architects, Superlofts is a flexible design and development framework merging hybrid urban programmes. Participatory, sustainable and adaptable, Superlofts offers its members the freedom to personalise their ‘raw space’ interior, and exterior, and actively engages them from the outset to co-create the building and its shared spaces to form a global co-living community.

Superlofts are designed as Open Buildings, that separate the permanent support structure from the temporary infills, utilising a flexible and open framework that easily adapts to changing cycles of use and maintenance. This facilitates a circular way of building and, importantly, contributes to resilient cities that can accommodate the changing urban programmes and lifestyles of the people who inhabit them. As an adaptable framework it responds to the unique opportunities of each different site. Each Superlofts integrates the latest sustainable technologies that support efficient and healthy buildings in the long term.

A prefabricated concrete structure provides a framework of three- to six-metre-high modules that can be flexibly combined into housing blocks, slabs, high-rises or townhouses. Members can choose a ‘raw space’ loft to design and build themselves or customise an existing floor plan, with the potential to combine mixed functions (work/living/making/hospitality). This results in a rich diversity of loft types in every building. A simple but strong expression of the concept, the facades juxtapose fixed grids with customised exterior infills, resulting in robust, lively buildings that reflect the diversity of their communities.

Superlofts provides new forms of shared living where people benefit from living together in an ‘urban village’, addressing the need for real social networks and a sense of belonging in a highly individualised society. Its dynamic mix of loft types promotes a new diverse, inclusive and open residential concept with a mixed community. It becomes a small-scale community in the city where people share spaces and resources to move from ownership to access.

Superlofts offers a blank canvas for experimentation: for starters in the broadest sense to be able to afford their unique ambitions and as urban catalysts. Different loft sizes (e.g XS to XL) cater to differing needs and budgets. Its hybrid work/living programme appeals to a growing community of individuals, often with creative and entrepreneurial mindsets, who live new hybrid lifestyles with specific spatial demands not met by conventional housing – this also generates new informal economies within Superlofts communities. This active community, combined with a dynamic mixed-use programme, enforces the building as a catalyst for urban development on under-utilised sites.

The ambition is to expand from a residential co-operative buyer’s model to a mixed-use and mixed ownership (rental and buyers) model, extending from luxury (XL) to affordable (XS) housing. With five Superlofts completed in Amsterdam (Buiksloterham and Houthaven) and Utrecht, three projects under construction in Groningen, Amsterdam and Delft and seven international sites in development, the aim is to connect all Superlofts, and their members, into one global community.

Superlofts has recently won the:
WAN Award ’18 – Best Regional Residential Concept in Europe
WAF Award ’17 – Best Housing Concept in the World
WAF Award ’17 – Special Directors Award
Winner category Best Living Experience by the Royal Institute of Dutch Architects: Best Building in the Netherlands ‘18

Superlofts in the media:

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Chroniques Architecture [France]
Le Courrier del Architecte [France]
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David & Marjanne
By davidtol
July 16, 2018


Superlofts Blok Y wins category BNA Building of the Year

Superlofts Blok Y wins the prestigious 2018 BNA Building of the Year Award for the residential category! We are incredibly proud of this success and thank everyone who contributed to this innovative project.

May 18, 2018
Superlofts Delft Under Construction

Construction has just started on our most recent Superlofts project in Delft! Located on Graaf Floriskade, Superlofts Delft (Coendersbuurt) contains nine dwellings – eight Superlofts ranging from 70m2 – 110 m2 and a four-storey town house (155m2). With a low energy and all-electric approach without the use of gas, the building also incorporates solar panels on the roof.

This is the first Superlofts building that features a facade grid made of brick. Organised as a collective of private owners/clients (CPO) the project is a collaboration between the residents’ collective, Marc Koehler Architects, Stebru and the municipality of Delft.

According to one of the residents, “What makes the project so special is that we were able to design our dream house together with the architect.” Completion is anticipated for end 2018/beginning 2019. More updates to follow!

April 10, 2018

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