Superlofts wins WAF Housing and Director’s Choice Award

Superlofts wins the prestigious Award for best housing project of 2017 in the world at the International World Architecture Festival in Berlin! Superlofts was selected as the best co-housing project. Chosen from 16 projects nominated by an expert jury in the ‘Housing’ category.

“A housing project as a concept about the process of engaging residents in the making of homes – from the marketing, though to investment in design and ownership through occupation,” said the judges.

Superlofts has also been awarded the Director’s Special Award!

We are incredibly proud of this success and thank everyone who contributed to this innovative project!

November 28, 2017
Superlofts shortlisted World Architecture Festival

We are very excited to announce that Superlofts has made it to the shortlist of the World Architecture Festival!

July 10, 2017
Sign-up festival Superlofts Groningen!

Almost there! We have received a bunch of exciting suggestions from an enthusiastic group of people, that are too cool to ignore. We have to take them seriously when finishing the concept and therefore the sign-up festival for Superlofts Groningen is now taking place in the last week of August. Then we can share with you all information about the concept, prices and some fantastic floorplans for inspiration. Some tunes, some food and drinks, and a sign-up session, and all of that while still enjoying summer at a nice location. We are excited!

June 07, 2017
Superlofts is nominated!

After reaching the finals of the Next Step Award, now our project in Buiksloterham is nominated for the NEPROM-prize! This prize goes to the developer who has established a good cooperation between public and private parties. Here, our building communities are competing with professional developers!

May 15, 2017
Interview with Marc Koehler

What is Superlofts? In this interview Marc Koehler explains how the  concept of the Superlofts works and how there can be countless of ways to design a loft. With his firm called Marc Koehler Architects, he applied the gained knowledge and experience from the Superlofts in Amsterdam to multiple new projects nationally and internaionally.

May 08, 2017
Superlofts: Powered by Vodafone

Superlofts is scouted as an innovative brand by Vodafone and nowadays Superlofts is ‘Powered by Vodafone’. Have a look at the Vodafone commercial that is developed in collaboration with Superlofts.

May 06, 2017
Newest Superlofts interior Marc & Juanjo!
April 17, 2017
De projectfases
Je hebt interesse.
Je neemt een optie van de bouwgroep in oprichting.
Je bent lid van de bouwgroep.
Je hebt een loft gekocht.
Je woont er!

Je meldt je aan als geïnteresseerde in een zoeklocatie. We doen – op basis van woonwensen van geïnteresseerden – een haalbaarheidsstudie. Er is nog geen ontwerp.

Je neemt een optie op een plek in een bouwgroep in oprichting. De kavel is beschikbaar en we werken samen aan het schetsontwerp voor het gebouw.

Je bent lid van een bouwgroep. Je hebt nu ook reservering op een bouwnummer. we werken samen aan het definitief ontwerp.

Je hebt je loft gekocht. Samen met de bouwgroep en Superlofts regelen we de bouwaanvraag en start de bouw.

Je woont in jouw Superlofts. Je deelt je gebouw met de buren en als je dat wenst inspiratie met andere Superloft members.